What to Do When You Get Your Twitter Account Locked

What to Do When You Get Your Twitter Account Locked – This article will walk you through the steps to reactivate a Twitter account that has been locked, blocked, or suspended. This can happen as a result of the user’s suspicious actions, or it can happen to protect a Twitter account from a possible hack or cyber attack.

Twitter Accounts That Have Been Locked, Limited, Restricted, or Suspended

Links to user accounts on the Twitter social network can be limited in a number of ways, each with varying degrees of severity. The most common restrictions Twitter employs, as well as what triggers their activation, are described below.

Twitter account that has been disabled: If your Twitter account has been locked, Twitter will log you out of all of your devices. This is due to suspicious activity or security issues. This can be triggered by several attempts to log in with the wrong password, too many third-party services linked to your account, or unusually high account activity.

Limited Twitter account: If you breach Twitter’s rules or are too active, your account can be restricted, stopping you from tweeting, retweeting, or liking. During this time, previously published tweets from a restricted account will be removed from search results and only available to current followers. Limits are normally set automatically to help avoid spam on the network, but they can also be set manually by Twitter workers.

Restricted Twitter account: The terms “restricted” and “limited” are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is no clear distinction between the two.

Suspended Twitter account: Being suspended on Twitter is the same as being banned. A suspension may be temporary and appealed in some cases, but it is generally permanent. Spam, fake news, being a fake account, impersonation, abuse, being hacked, and breaking Twitter rules are all common reasons for accounts being suspended on Twitter.


Unlocking a Twitter Account

When you try to log in to Twitter and you’re locked out, you’ll usually get a message explaining why it’s locked and how to unlock it.

You should receive a notification of the lock via the email address and mobile phone number associated with your account, in addition to the message inside the Twitter app and website.

Each of the following actions will be requested in the notification message:

  • By clicking a connection in the message, you can reset your password.
  • After you click on a connection in the message, they’ll give you a PIN number to your linked cell phone number.
  • All of the above is true.
  • Although it can seem dramatic, a locked Twitter account is normally nothing to be concerned about, and the process of unlocking it only takes a minute or two.

How to Fix a Limited or Restricted Twitter Account

The required response can vary depending on the severity of a Twitter account restriction, which may range from mild to severe.

Twitter will always communicate with you via direct message and email, regardless of the reason for the restriction, to discuss why your account has been restricted and what steps you need to take.

Here are some typical acts that restricted users are required to perform:

  • Please double-check your addresses.
  • Verify or connect a phone number to your account.
  • Delete the tweets that are linked to the rules that were broken.
  • You should change your password.
  • Use this official form to file an appeal.
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