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Messenger was initially an integral part of Facebook, but has now been developed into a standalone app basically for interacting with friends on the platform.
Facebook Messenger is a free messaging app used by millions of people in sending and receiving instant messages, sharing media files, sharing locations, sending and receiving messages and even playing games.

The Messenger Facebook is just the place to connect with friends and keep in touch with them all day long. Its awesome features makes chatting with friends way cooler than ever, with GIFS, photo filters, and stickers you can express yourself more to your friends and have lots of fun together.

Messenger Facebook Install

You can video call your friends and hangout with them right on the platform, you can even play games with them and also set up group chats with your friends and have a group video call. More and more features are being added to Facebook messenger, this has made it rather difficult for users to leave the platform.

Features Of Messenger Facebook

Messenger Facebook has varieties of features that make the platform fun and interesting one, there are quite important features you need to use to enjoy the platform even more.

  • The messenger app is basically for keeping in touch with friends and family members no matter where they are. You can type and send them instant messages by tapping the message box and clicking send. You can easily choose which contact you wish to send messages to and you can chat with all your contacts at once. Then You can use GIFS to make your chats with your friends more fun or use stickers to express yourself more to your friends.
  • You can share media files with your friends; send photos, audio files and videos to your friends right on the platform. You can simply send a file by tapping the file and clicking the share option, then choose the contact you wish to send it to. You can also send voice messages to your friends if you don’t wish to type messages or you can make short videos and send to your friends. The camera icon enables you to record videos and send videos to friends. You can snap and send funny photos to your friends using the filters on the app.
  • Also, you can set up group chats and connect with group of friends on group chat, enjoy video group video call and keep in touch with all your friends at once. You can simply set up a group, add names of members you wish to be on the group, give the group a name and create your group.
  • Messenger Facebook also has varieties of games that you can play with your friends if you don’t feel like chatting with them. There are varieties of game you can play by tapping the games icon on the main contact list screen. You can choose which specific game you wish to play with your friends and have fun together.
  • Sending money on the platform is yet another awesome feature which was recently introduced on Facebook messenger app, once you have your debit card linked to your Facebook app, you can send and receive messages from your friends. Simply you can choose the contact you wish to send money to, find the money icon, select the amount you wish to send and click send.
  • You can also share your location with your friends to make it easy for your friends to find you. You can simply open the chat window with a specific contact, and share your location. A map showing your exact location will be inserted in your message when you decide to share your location.
  • You can also talk to automated bots and get to know about a lot of information.

How To Add Friends On Facebook Messenger

When setting up your messenger account, messenger asks for permission to access your contacts. This makes it possible for you to find your phone contacts already on the platform and you can invite those who are yet to join the platform.

If you do not allow the upload of your phone contacts to your messenger, you will be chatting with only your Facebook contacts or people you decide to add yourself. Syncing contacts on the app makes it easy for you to connect with your contacts on the platform without having to do the adding yourself.

However, this is not the only way of adding friends on the platform, there are still other ways of adding friends on your Facebook messenger.

To Add Friends on Messenger follow these steps:

  • If you wish to add friends through their phone numbers, you have to first tap the three horizontal lines (people icon) at the top right side on android devices and at the lower side of the screen on iPhone devices.
  • Tap the plus icon at the top right corner of iPhone screen and lower right side of android screen.
  • A menu will pop up, select ENTER PHONE NUMBER on the menu, enter the phone number and click SAVE. Then tap the Add option to send friend request to the person whose phone number you just saved. If they accept your friend request, you can then chat with them on messenger. They can only view your message when your friend request is accepted by them.
  • You can also add friends on messenger by scanning their QR code; you can follow these steps to get it done:
  • Click on the people icon on your messenger app
  • Then click on SCAN CODE option, then access the code of the person you wish to scan
  • Then point your phone’s camera to the code and scan it, then click ADD ON MESSENGER, this will add the person to your messenger contact.

Quite easy! Now you can add friends on the platform and connect with them in a fun way.

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