How to Use Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline

How to Use Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline – Reading Twitter’s timeline was a pretty quick, easy-to-understand experience when it first launched. Back then, the timeline displayed in chronological order every tweet and retweet from the accounts you followed. That was the end of it.

Since then, Twitter has introduced an algorithm as well as other system-wide features that have altered the order in which tweets are displayed. It also introduced some new features, greatly altering the social media platform. We go over the changes and demonstrate how to effectively manage your Twitter timeline.

What Has Changed Since the Last Time We Met?

The following are the most important updates to Twitter’s timeline since its launch:

  • Twitter now displays tweets in a non-chronological timeline based on how important the system believes they are to you. Basically, if you like a lot of tweets from a particular user, Twitter will show you more of their tweets, regardless of when they were tweeted.
  • “Just in case you missed it,” says the narrator. When you return to Twitter after a few hours away, you may find a series of common tweets from people you follow grouped together under the phrase “In case you missed it.”
  • Liked By Tweets: Twitter shows you which tweets your followers have liked.
  • Twitter Conversations: Previously, Twitter will display @ answers to tweets in your timeline on their own. An @ reaction now contains a few of the conversation’s previous tweets, regardless of when they were written.
  • Stranger Tweets: Twitter sometimes displays tweets from accounts you don’t follow in your timeline that its algorithm believes you might enjoy based on your behavior. If you like or retweet anime-related tweets, Twitter will suggest some famous anime accounts to follow.
  • Promoted Tweets: Tweets that have been paid to be promoted by businesses or individuals appear on your Twitter timeline.

How to Enable the Chronological Timeline on Twitter

There’s an option to toggle off the algorithm that causes tweets to appear out of order in your timeline and to sort tweets by time posted. Although this restores your chronological timeline, “In case you skipped it,” promoted messages, liked tweets, and conversation threads are still visible. Pick the icon that looks like a bunch of stars after logging in to Twitter. It’s right there at the top of your newsfeed. Then, instead of seeing the most recent tweets, choose to see the most recent tweets.

How to Remove Promoted, Liked, and Recommended Tweets from Twitter

Twitter lists are a feature you can check out if you want to get rid of promoted tweets, random tweets liked by people you follow, chat threads, “In case you missed it,” and account suggestions from Twitter. They are groups of accounts that you can manually connect to at any time. When viewing a list, every tweet from the added accounts is shown chronologically, with none of the above features. Here’s how to bring one together:

  • Lists to choose from. You’ll find it in the left-hand sidebar of your feed.
  • Choose the Build option. It resembles a piece of paper with a plus sign on it.
  • Assign a name and a description to your new list. You also have the option of making it private. Click Next when you’re done.
  • Choose which Twitter accounts you want to add to your list. You may look for people using Twitter’s recommendations or the search bar.
  • To save your list, click Done.
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