Facebook Commerce Manager – All You Need To Know

Facebook Commerce Manager is a platform to set up a shop and manage sales on Facebook and Instagram.

With Commerce Manager, you can choose where you want your customers to complete their purchase:

  • On your website?
  • On Facebook or Instagram with checkout? or
  • With a direct message?

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Depending on your choice, you can access different tools and settings in Facebook Commerce Manager.

All sellers can:

  1. Create and manage a Facebook Shop and collections
  2. See a summary of sales activities, catalog, issues to fix and suggested actions
  3. View and manage items in a catalog
  4. Get insights about customers and popular items
  5. Explore ways to advertise your items
  6. Control commerce account settings, business information and Page permissions

Additionally, businesses with checkout can use Commerce Manager to

  1. Let people buy items directly on Facebook or Instagram
  2. Offer Purchase Protection to customers
  3. View payouts, manage finances, fulfill orders and process returns
  4. Use an Inbox to respond to messages
  5. See an overview of your delivery and customer service performance
  6. Contact support to get help with Commerce Manager

Who can use Commerce Manager
To sell items on Facebook platforms, you must:

What information is required for Commerce Manager
All businesses must provide this information to set up Commerce Manager:

  • A Facebook Page
  • A commerce account with your details
  • A catalog with items you sell

Businesses with checkout must provide this information:

  1. A business category and type
  2. Bank account details for collecting payouts
  3. A State Tax Registration Number for every state where the business operates, for tax purposes
  4. A Federal Tax Identification Number that matches the business representative’s name for  financial reporting
  5. A business representative’s personal or business identity information to verify the authenticity of the business
  6. Shipping options, return policy and a customer service email to set up customer service

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